SMEs provide work for more than 4 million people in Ukraine, generate about 20% of the country’s GDP and make up the majority of the country’s companies.  The business environment in Ukraine is highly regulated but standards, support services for SMEs, innovation policy and assistance for women entrepreneurs need to be improved to allow SMEs to really thrive.

EU4Business aims to improve the country’s business climate. It makes it easier for SMEs to get finance and provides training and targeted support for businesses led by women and those working in the green economy. SMEs also get technical support to help them align with EU standards, increase exports and benefit from the free trade deal between Ukraine and EU.

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Success stories

Thousands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs dream of becoming suppliers of large retail chains in order to have guaranteed business. Tetiana Yaremchuk managed this challenge, and is now working on delivering her products to the EU. Tetiana Yaremchuk meets the journalists at the station in the city of Dnipro, sitting at the wheel of a white jeep. Dodging numerous potholes, the diminutive businesswoman...
The ‘ Better Regulation Delivery Office ’ (BRDO) of Ukraine has been truly living up to its name – with its expert, dynamic approach, it has proven to be a catalyst for improving the business environment and delivering concrete regulatory results that has helped to stimulate economic growth and boost the investment climate. As an independent regulatory policy advising and delivery institution,...
Andriy Soroka
Ukrainian farmer Andriy Soroka started out with a small plot, but over the years he has built up his farm to more than 300 hectares to become an independent producer with his own agricultural machinery and premises, reinvesting his income into the further development of the business. Now, with the help of EU4Business initiative, the German Government, which provided a loan through the German...