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March 2018
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27 March 2018

Do you know what the EU is doing for business in your country?

Watch this promotional video from the #EU4Business initiative to discover why the EU is working to invest in a stronger economy in the Eastern Neighbourhood, and how it supports small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve this together!
The EU helps companies grow by attracting investments, creating jobs, and increasing trade opportunities. And what are the concrete results of the #EU4Business initiative? Since 2009, it has contributed over €122 million with €1.5 billion worth of loans and supported over 100,000 SMEs. Meet some of them in this video!

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Ukraine From support to cooperation. A Ukrainian business woman who once received a business loan from the EU, now prepares to export to Europe
Ukraine 12/03/2018
Moldova EU4Business and EBRD help Litera Publishing House go online
Moldova 22/03/2018
Georgia Baia and Gvantsa: the winemakers turning a family tradition into a successful business
Georgia 21/03/2018
From support to cooperation. A Ukrainian business woman who once received a business loan from the EU, now prepares to export to Europe

Thousands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs dream of becoming suppliers of large retail chains in order to have guaranteed business. Tetiana Yaremchuk managed this challenge, and is now working on delivering her products to the EU.

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EU4Business and EBRD help Litera Publishing House go online

In an age dominated by information technologies, keeping people interested in reading is becoming a real challenge. Since books are still the best way of passing on knowledge, the only solution open to publishers is to move with the times and use the new virtual tools to add value to books. In the Republic of Moldova, the EBRD’s Advice for Small Businesses, which is financed by the European Union through the EU4Business initiative and Sweden, has given Litera an opportunity to keep readers interested in books through an online bookstore.

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Baia and Gvantsa: the winemakers turning a family tradition into a successful business

“Winemaking had always been our family business, but we used to make it for ourselves and not for commercial purposes,” says Baia Abuladze, a 24-year old winemaker from Obcha village in the Bagdati Municipality. “Then it became an interesting job for the younger members of the family and we took steps to turn our family’s tradition into a business.”

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Ludmila Antonauskaya: EU business support helping one woman from Belarus compete with international giant

Ludmila Antonauskaya is a perfect example of someone defying the stereotype that women and business cannot go together. She runs several companies, is one of the TOP 100 successful businesspeople in Belarus (No. 65, but the top woman on the list), and has raised two children.

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EU4Business-EBRD Credit line: €1.15 billion to support SMEs in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union are extending their support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to a total of almost €1.1 billion in credit lines and trade finance and €58.3 million in EU grants.

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Business Club for Fashion & Design - a new platform for Armenian designers

The Business Club for Fashion and Design has become a reality thanks to the efforts of a group of young Armenian designers from the Fashion and Design Chamber jointly with the Business Club for Impact, supported by EU4Business Support to SME Development in Armenia SMEDA project.

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Moving Forward Together: EU Delegation in Ukraine launches communication campaign to raise awareness of cooperation

The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine is launching an all-Ukrainian communication campaign ‘Moving Forward Together’ designed to increase awareness with Ukrainian audiences about the benefits and opportunities of EU-Ukraine cooperation.

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Supporting Georgian hazelnut growers to meet global demand

Hazelnuts are a major product for Georgian agriculture. As one of the country’s top 10 export commodities, they are a source of income for more than 50,000 farmers and dozens of processing facilities. The subtropical climate by the Black Sea shore offers particularly favourable conditions for their growth, luring international confectionary giants such as Ferrero to come to Georgia and invest in production.

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Improved accounting education in focus at EU4Business event in Baku

National initiatives for improving accounting education and strengthening professional accounting organisations in Azerbaijan were discussed at a workshop recently organised in Baku by the World Bank as part of the EU4Business initiative.

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Researchers from business and industry: apply now for grants for networking in Horizon 2020 brokerage events

Researchers from the Eastern Partnership region, including from industry and SMEs, have the opportunity to apply for EU grants for participation in large-scale brokerage events and similar activities related to the EU’s Horizon2020 programme for research and innovation.

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Apr 2018
Hackathon – Innovative ideas for tourism development in Armenia


Apr 2018
‘Vin Lady Fest’: women's business forum in Vinnytsya


Apr 2018
Armenian precision engineering and IoT companies prepare for Hannover trade fair in April


Apr 2018
Save the date: GUF to host Second Financial Fair for SMEs in Kharkiv
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