The aim of this study of the Textile and Apparel Industry – produced by the EU4Business project ‘SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia’ – was to conduct an actionable, comprehensive industry analysis of the industry in Georgia, and to highlight opportunities for increased trade and integration with EU and other international markets.

An assessment of the film post-production sector in Georgia, produced by the EU4Business project ‘SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia’. The study examines the context of the sector, conducts a mapping of the value chain, reviews available incentives and opportunities and provides recommendations for development of the sector.

Meblevi Technologii, a family-owned furniture distributor in Ukraine, had better results than expected when it asked the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for help building a website. Consultants from the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses (ASB) team instead told the company that its reorganisation was a bigger priority.

With funding from the European Union under its EU4Business initiative, the EBRD worked with Yarych, a cookie & crackers producer from Ukraine, providing international consultants from Italy and Canada under its Advice for Small Businesses programme, who helped the company better define their brand and launch a new marketing strategy.