SMEs play a significant role in Georgia’s economy, accounting for over 40% of employment, but are still struggling to scale up their operations. EU4Business supports the government's ambitious plan to reform and improve the business environment. Its programmes boost SME growth by improving their access to finance and new markets as well as targeting women entrepreneurs and projects in green energy. SMEs looking to make the most of Georgia’s Free Trade Agreement with the EU can also get financial and technical help to adapt to EU standards and to move into foreign markets.


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24 June, 2019, Tbilisi – 6,000 SMEs in Georgia’s regions have been consulted and trained on DCFTA related issues via DCFTA Information Centre services offered by the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Local entrepreneurs are now...

Success stories

It all began in Rome with a cup of delicious, rich espresso. Sandro Beridze and Maka Komakhidze ­­– a young Georgian couple – became so fascinated with the culture and variety of Italian coffee drinking that they decided to bring part of it back to their homeland. It was the early 2000s and the coffee industry had yet to be developed back home. Georgian coffee lovers were not sufficiently...
EBRD and EU help Georgian wine makers expand at home and abroad
Autumn is the busiest season of the year in Kakheti, the main wine-making region of Georgia . Early in the morning farmers and their families rush to the vineyards to pluck ripe grapes from the vine, while trucks deliver the fruit to processing factories. The harvest is a time for both hard work and celebration for everyone in rural areas, including Valerian Feikrishvili. “I have been working in...
Tekla Mamageishvili
“Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first to describe, with almost complete precision, the anatomy of the eye and optical system in the 15th century. He is perceived as the biggest innovator in modern science, and not only in science,” Tekla Mamageishvili, Director of a Tbilisi-based eye clinic, explains when asked about the name of her company. Tekla is sure that her Da Vinci Clinic will become a...